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A Sample Issue of Parker Pages
(Vol. 14 Issue 2)

 Charlie Price, discussing the authenticity of a GH Parker with Jim Hall, near the PGCA display at the 2007 Southern Side by Side.

Feature Articles:
The Parker Pages Review of Books; Hillsville
by Art Wheaton

Charlie Price, Professor of Parkerology
Contributions by Bill Mullins, Louis C. Parker III,
CDR Roy Gunther, Jim Hall, Charles A. Herzog, Sr.,
and Austin Hogan

Some Notes on the Remington Parker
Contributions by Ken Waite Jr., Mark Conrad, Babe DelGrego, and Lawrence DelGrego

MistaKaas - A Step Back in Time
by Destry Hofard

The Topic is the Trojan Contribution
by Gary Puckett

The Fourth LC Smith - Parker Challenge
by Mark Conrad

Philosophies of Parker Collecting - Chapter II:
The Influence of Stock Dimensions, Stock Finish, Butt Plates and Pads on Parker Desirability Contributions
by Mark Conrad, Charlie Price, Greg Schroeder, John N. Davis Ray Roy, Jeff Kuss and Ken Waite

A Tale of Two Trojans
by Lawrence Ditleglio

Jewel of the South
by Tom Flanagan

PGCA Displays at Pheasants Forever Event
by Bruce Day and Charles Herzog

Arthur du Bray's Parker
by Roy S. Flenderson with a note by John Davis

The First Parker with Selective Automatic Ejectors?
by Tom and Barbara Bouwkamp

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