How to Identify your Parker.....

The first thing you should understand, is that there are NO ABSOLUTES when it comes to Parker Shotguns!  But - how many times do you read on the PGCA Forums a post "I just inherited a Parker - what do I have?"

To start you off on your discovery.....

First - go (click) here -->  Find manufacturing dates by serial number,  to find what year your Parker was manufactured.

Second, remove the barrels from the frame.  Next - go (click) here --> Technical Information to identify the markings on both the barrel flats and the water table...  Those marks will determine the configuration (grade, frame size, barrel weights, etc.) as your Parker left the factory

Third, once your grade is determined - go (click) here --> Parker Grades to see many fine example pictures of the grades and to read (from the 1917 Parker catalog) about how your gun was represented by Parker Marketing.

Fourth - go (click) here --> Parker Gun Collectors Forum and register to post any remaining questions about your Parker.  Pictures of your Parker are ALWAYS helpful in determining originality, soliciting opinions from other collectors and determining market prices.

Fifth - Click here to join PGCA today! 

Sixth - go (click) here --> Order a PGCA letter and learn how your gun was configured when it left the factory and maybe even who ordered it.