Distinguished Service Award: The purpose of the PGCA Distinguished Service Award Pin program is to adopt a way to recognize a member's personal contributions of spirit, time, dedication and reliability unselfishly donated for the good of the organization.  These members will be recognized before their peers at an official PGCA function, primarily the PGCA Annual Meeting and Banquet.

The members recognized will have gone 'above and beyond ' the ordinary and will have distanced themselves by the merit of their deeds.  They will have furthered the mission of the PGCA and will have promoted good will and fellowship among members and visitors at activities including the Forum, PGCA sanctioned events, PGCA displays, and PGCA 'headquarters' at shows and events. They will have given freely of their time in doing these deeds and will have presented a friendly face of the PGCA.

The award for each recipient will be a lapel pin replicating the distinct outline and engraving of the fore end tip of a high grade Parker gun.  The recipient will also receive an award letter that is suitable for framing.

Members of the PGCA who have received the Distinguished Service Award Pin have their names placed on an Distinguished Service Honor Roll to provide a permanent record of their extraordinary service to the Parker Gun Collectors Association.

If you would like to nominate a fellow PGCA member to be considered for the Distinguished Service Award fill out a nomination form and submit it to the PGCA.

Nominations are accumulated for a rolling three-year period.  After a name has been in the nominations file for three consecutive years it will drop off leaving only current (within a calendar three years) entries for that nominee.





Parker Pages Contributors Award: A pin will be given to all contributors to Parker Pages, as a recognition for that person's efforts in providing articles, photographs or information used in Parker Pages.  When you see someone wearing this pin please extend your thanks for supporting the quality of material we try to present in every issue.







The Peoples Choice Award: Peoples Choice Awards shall be held annually in conjunction with the annual meeting. The mission of the Peoples Choice Awards shall be to conduct an event that will be enjoyable for both attendees and the folks displaying by selecting a different theme annually that will focus on Parker guns in terms of grade, condition, rarity, configuration, or other aspects. Members will then be invited to display their Parkers with attendees voting for their Peoples Choice. By doing so we hope to bring out to the Members Parkers with unusual and or desirable features for viewing and discussion thereby furthering the interest and education of the Parker gun, creating camaraderie amongst Members, and recognizing our Members for their collecting achievements. (Click here for Details and Honor Role)





“The Doubles Club” Award: Your Parker Gun Collectors Association Board of Directors has approved a brand new program entitled “The Doubles Club”.

      A special pin has been created utilizing the old style Parker Bros. letterhead featuring two Parkers, one hammer gun and one hammerless, with the familiar woodcock. The pin is silver and a handsome addition to your hunting cap, vest, or gun club attire. A facsimile is affixed for you.

     The program is simple and relies on the honor system, of which we know all PGCA members subscribe. The specific requirements to become a member of “The Doubles Club” are as follows:


             *You must be a member of the PGCA in good standing.

             * You must have shot “A Double” with a Parker Gun.

             * Only listed game birds apply: i.e. doves, ducks, geese, grouse, woodcock et al

             * The definition of “A Double” is: both birds must be in the air at the same time. That eliminates the often probability of a bird rising after the first bird is dispatched and you then score on the second riser with the second barrel.

     Should your expertise, keen shooting eye, or even the remote possibility of luck being a factor result in a sort of “holy grail” of wingshooting and you wish to be a part of this elite Club, send a note or e-mail that includes the month, day and year and specie of birds shot to Mary at:

 Mary Bowes

 PGCA Membership

 477 Ocean Avenue

 Wells, Maine 04090 



Mary will, in turn, send you this special pin and a letter acknowledging accomplishment of this feat and your name will appear on the Doubles Club Roster

     Pins are not limited to only one double shot but our Chairman will be suspicious of any hats ringed with doubles pins. I assured him that our fine and honorable members are of the highest order and would only have to live with themselves should any imagination be linked to such “dead eye” shots.

     Good luck and good shooting!