Peoples Choice Awards shall be held annually in conjunction with the annual meeting. The mission of the Peoples Choice Awards shall be to conduct an event that will be enjoyable for both attendees and the folks displaying by selecting a different theme annually that will focus on Parker guns in terms of grade, condition, rarity, configuration, or other aspects. Members will then be invited to display their Parkers with attendees voting for their Peoples Choice. By doing so we hope to bring out to the Members Parkers with unusual and or desirable features for viewing and discussion thereby furthering the interest and education of the Parker gun, creating camaraderie amongst Members, and recognizing our Members for their collecting achievements.



Prior to the meeting a display theme will be selected by the reigning Chairperson with approval from the BOD. Announcements will go out on the PGCA forum and also be included in Parker Pages the purpose of which will be to invite members to display a gun or guns of their choice that reflect the chosen theme. The PGCA shall provide display tables upon which members may display their guns and include any staging as space may allow as determined by the Chairperson. Members will be requested to refrain from displaying material that may disclose who the actual owner is. A number will be assigned to each gun displayed and all attendees of the annual meeting will be permitted to vote on the gun of their choice. The top 3 recipients will then be recognized and awards given. In the event of a tie attendees will be asked to vote again. In the event of a third tie the Chairperson in conjunction with the BOD as present shall evaluate the selected guns and assign the winning order. In the past awards given have consisted of wood turned bowls as created by Life Member Mike McKinney. Mike has always created a fantastic award that has been highly regarded. These shall continue to be used until such time as change is required. Furthermore an “Honor Roll” shall be established to acknowledge Peoples Choice Award winners and posted on the PGCA forum.



2016 2018 2020
John Powers Jeff Kuss COVID
Chuck Bishop Howard Loewensteiner  
Dean Romig Mark Kircher  
2017 2019 2021
Wayne Owens Chuck Bishop Russell Cleary
Paul Dorsa Howard Loewensteiner Randy Roberts
Tom Latham Howard Loewensteiner James Hall