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PGCA Raffle Gun


To check if Tickets are currently on sale for the PGCA Raffle Gun, please ask on the forum.




The New Parker Gun Collectors Association Web Store

The PGCA store offers caps and shirts for men and women in several styles and colors.
Inventory is updated on the first of each month.

Shop the PGCA Store by CLICKING HERE or on the image above!

You can also order PGCA Logo Items from:
Jim Poublon
Clay Target Shooting Shirts
"Clay Target Shooting Shirts"
(352) 509-1467


Parker Pages in Digital Format

A digital archive of all past issues (dating before 2018) of Parker Pages, either on DVD or on a Thumb Drive (USB drive) is available for the low price of $50.

According to copyright law, as well as agreements with some of our authorsthese are only  sold to PGCA Members.   If you are not a member of the PGCA, you must first join before placing an order.

These files were created from countless hours, days and weeks of scanning each and every page of each and every issue of Parker Pages from the very first issue, January 1994, through the Autumn 2018 Issue. 

These are fully searchable files - all you need to do is type in a keyword and the system will highlight all articles containing that keyword... It could be a name... it could be a date... it could be a serial number... it could be just about anything you can think of that you would like to find each occurrence of it in all Parker Pages issues.

Be forewarned - If your PC uses Microsoft Edge as a browser, you will not be able to open the files - but virtually ANY other popular browser has no problem opening the files. I use Google Chrome and it opens the files perfectly and you can download Google Chrome (or just about any other browser) right off the World Wide Web.

This Digital Archive of Parker Pages is a great boon to anyone wishing to conduct all types of Parker research.

Please contact Mike McKinney to place your orders


or by PM to Mike McKinney


Full set of Original Parker Pages Back Issues


The total price is computed @ $6.00 an issue, all back issues are currently available. From 1993 through 2003 there were six issues per year at 6.00 per issue which equals $360.00.   From 2004 to the present there are four issues per year which equals $24.00 per year.


The sales price is computed as stated above plus the actual shipping costs.


Contact board member James (Jimmy) Hall. 

Jim Hall, 344 Parish Road

Warsaw, VA 22572

804-333-3124, sjhall@haloisp.net

PGCA Binders

Brown leatherette three-ring notebook binders with a gold embossed PGCA logo. $20.00.  Because of the high cost of shipping, the PGCA Binders will be available only at the Annual PGCA meeting event.