Store you Parker in a childproof location, as secure from theft and fire as possible.  It should be dry with low humidity to reduce the possibility of rust forming to mar the case colors or bluing.  

Most like to store their guns with the barrels pointing up; in a display case or gun rack, in a safe or simply in the corner of a closet.  

Some hang their Parkers from pegs on a wall, hanging by their trigger guard with the barrels pointing down.  This reduces the likelihood of oil "draining" into the frame mechanism or stock, which is known to cause problems when the oil ages and thickens.

It is prudent to wipe the stored guns off with a damp oil cloth once or twice a year.  This allows you to inspect them for rust formations, replenish the old oil film and to remove any dust.

During long term storage, releasing the tension on the mainsprings is advisable and that is done by uncocking the guns external or internal hammers.

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