The best way to ship your Parker is the United States Postal Service's (USPS) Registered Mail and insured it for the full amount; shipping in heavy duty PVC tubing for barrels, sturdy cardboard and inexpensive plastic gun case or built up wood case for guns. Identify it as a gun to the Post Office and insure it for the full amount. 

Wrap the package with cardboard but don't use a paper outer wrapper.  The USPS requires the outer wrapper to be secure at all edges and paper wrapping is easily cut and resealed.

When shipping USPS Registered packages, you are required to use a paper tape to cover every seam of the package.  The tape must be a tape that will hold ink and not smear, therefore regular plastic shipping tape is NOT acceptable.  This is because the USPS will use an ink stamp to mark the tape in an effort to expose any attempt to open the package while in transit.

The USPS Registered package takes a few days longer to arrive at its destination because they are kept in locked bins overnight and must be bar code read and processed at each transit point.  At every transfer point, the handler must sign for the package as it passes through their hands.


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