Repairs to Parkers, if done by the factory or by a skilled craftsman can be impossible to identify through the closest of inspections.

Parker guns sent back to Parker Bros. for repair can in some cases be verified.  The company repair records were kept in order books.  Some repair records are intertwined in the order books that recorded both repair orders and sales of guns. Some repair records were kept in "order books" that were posted only with repairs.  Regardless, the order books are consecutive by date and book number.   The use of order books was discontinued in 1919; except for one book (order book #101 which covered the period from 1919 to 1934).  Order book #101 is a book that included very few gun sales or repairs but mostly covers financial transactions and returns from dealers in anticipation of the Remington takeover. All the order books entries are in the PGCA database of serial numbers and their entries are reflected in PGCA research letters.

Unfortunately, a few of the Parker order books have been lost and therefore some repairs cannot be verified.

If a Parker was returned for repair after the company was taken over by Remington, there will be a Remington repair code stamped on the water table of the receiver.  These codes are a sequence of alpha characters which will decode to the month and year in which the repair was made.  Unfortunately, these codes make no reference to the type repair that was made to the gun.


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