Parker Bros. did pattern tests on their guns and usually recorded the results in the Parker Stock book.  The recorded results are given as pellet counts for each barrel.   

The earliest patterning was done at 45yards in a 18 x 24.  It is not known if that was a rectangle or oval.  Next, they changed to 45 yards in a 24" circle.  Lastly, they used the standard 40 yards in a 30" circle.  It is believed they used these for 8,10,16, and 20 gauge guns.  It is possible the 28 and .410 gauges may have used different specifications.

The Parker Story states that manufacturers had different pellet counts for a specific size and weight shell.  It is believed that Parker mostly used Tatum shot but that is speculation.  Having the original stock books may answer the mystery.  When the copies the stock books were made, some of the page was missed; the patterning info (most of the time).  The last column in the stock book listed what type of shell (powder, drams, and possibly the type of shot) was used.   

The guns hanging tag, if it exists, usually records the size and amount of shot used in the test.


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