First, all information found here is dated and given the rate that law and regulations change, it is advisable to contact relevant agencies of all governments to get the best information possible.  When possible, links to government web pages will be made here but even those are commonly out of date.  Beware and be safe, double check everything to avoid problems.  Remember, even a single forgotten bullet in you coat or luggage can cause serious problems in many countries.

Knowing and complying with laws and regulations here in the United States isn't enough, you must comply with those laws of the destination country too.

Before exiting the United States with a firearm, register it with U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection so you can prove you left the country and avoid problems when returning to the United States. You will need a completed CBP Form 4457 to present to a Customs and Border Officer upon your return to the U.S.  

General Advice - International travel advice can be found at the U.S. Department of State for traveling abroad with firearms and is a good place to start your education.

Canada - Information about Canadian requirements for taking a shotgun or rifle to hunt can be obtained from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police web site. (REMEMBER -- NO "short arms (pistol)" may be taken into Canada)!

Alaska - If you are driving, remember you will cross Canada and NO short arms are permitted.

Mexico - A SEMARNAP hunting permit is required and comes in six types:    Type I-Waterfowl, Type II-Doves, Type III-other birds, Type IV-mammals, Type V-limited and Type VI-special.

Permits are issued from a Government Licensed Dealer in Mexico.

In addition to the SEMARNAP hunting permit, foreign hunters need a consulate certificate, special visa, and military gun permit. The consulate certificate may be obtained from any Mexican embassy or consulate upon presentation of a letter from the hunter's local police or sheriff's office (on original police letterhead) verifying that the hunter has no criminal record. This certificate is also necessary for obtaining the military gun permits, which is issued by the army garrison in the major border town in the Mexican State in which you are going to hunt.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship is required. This document, must have your picture on it (i.e. Passport) if not, your voter's registration card accompanied by a photocopy of your Drivers License will suffice. Additionally, 8 passport size pictures are usually required with each gun permit and hunting license issued and the final number of pictures depends on the State you are hunting. Finally, a new regulation requires that all foreign hunters be accompanied by a licensed Mexican hunting guide. Your Hunting License agent can advise you on this requirement. Hunting License Cost is approx. $450 U.S. and includes Gun Permit.

The whole process of obtaining, on your own, the required permits and license is very time consuming, frustrating and discouraging for the average U.S. hunter. Even if you speak perfect Spanish, your better off arranging the license and permits through a U.S. broker or a licensed Mexican Outfitter, which specializes in the State that you are hunting. This assures you that a qualified agent is looking out for your interest, and that the job will be done in a manner which is acceptable to the State Agency for which you are hunting. A list of Licensed Outfitters can be requested from any Mexican Consulate in the State you are going to hunt.

Last and most important advice is to check out the references for the people that you plan to use. Use "common sense" questions when interviewing past clients of the lodge or outfit. Don't take anything for granted, ask the most basic questions you can think of.



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