Taking good, high detailed pictures of your Parker can be a challenge.  Using a quality camera and slow speed film or a high pixel rated digital camera is a good start.  Try to select a good contrasting color for your background.  Blue or red give good results.  

Good pictures of strong  Parker case colors should be taken against a neutral gray background so we can see the true colors.

Use a tripod if one is available.  Any motion while taking your picture will show and distort the fine details desired.

The most difficult issue when taking close-up pictures of engraving, case colors or damascus patters is getting the light just right. Flash attachments usually cause glare and distort any true colors.  Overhead lights found in the home will pose similar problems.  Professional studios use white light defusing shades but most armatures don't have such niceties.  One accepted solution to this lighting problem is to get everything ready and then wait for just the right day.  "The right day" is a bright but heavily overcast day; mid-day with lots of overcast clouds.  When the right day comes along, take everything outside and shoot your pictures.  

Take lots of pictures, changing camera angles often to reduce the probability of glare in every picture.


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