Extractors and ejectors are two parts that perform the same function in shotguns.  They both a aid the removal of shotgun shells from the barrels shell chamber.  

In the case of the extractor, both the shells are pulled slightly up from the breach of the barrels as the gun is opened.  This allows ones fingers to get under the shell and “extract” it from the gun.   

A gun with ejectors looks and operates in exactly the same way when the shotgun shells have not been fired.  But for a shotgun shell that has been fired, the ejectors “eject” the fired shell(s) from the gun with sufficient force to throw the spent case(s) over the shooters shoulder. 

To identify one from the other, while looking at the opened breach end of a Parker barrels, the extractor is on the bottom edge of the barrel and spans both barrels.  Ejectors appear to look the the same but upon close inspection the ejectors are split in the middle to allow only one shell to be thrown from the gun when one shell is fired and not the other.

It is common to find extractors on lower grade Parkers and ejectors on the high grade guns.  Ejectors were an option when Parkers were ordered and may be found on low grade guns.  Ejectors added as an option usually add value to a Parker’s sale price.


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