It is best to avoid coating composite Barrels with Lacquer, Shellac, or Poly finishes. These finishes can allow oxidation to occur under the finish and will eventually crack and chip. The best routine that I have found is very simple and yields great results.

The product most compatible with our finishing process, is available at most hardware stores. Watco Danish Oil Finish in natural tone. This Rust-Oleum product is a semi-permeable coating that both cleans and protects. The secret is to keep a single coat rather than a build up of finish. Watco contains Petroleum Distillates that will emulsify the existing coat, cleaning the metal and leaving a new protective coating.
Apply with a cotton patch, generously flooding the surface. Use gentle pressure and simply coat the entire surface. Let the Barrels set for one hour. With clean heavy duty paper towel, aggressively burnish the finish until dry, but slightly tacky. Let set for two more hours and repeat the burnish. Allow to dry for 24 hours before use.

Hint: Clean up extra finish in rib edges and matting with a toothbrush.

This process should be done only once or twice a year. For regular wipe downs, use a high quality, non solvent, gun oil.

Avoid the use of other solvents, abrasives or chemicals. Treat the bores as you would any other Barrels.

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