To clean your shotgun you will need a shotgun cleaning kit ( rod, tips, brushes, swabs ), solvents, gun oil & grease, shotgun patches and an oil or silicon cloth.

Before you start. makes sure the gun is UNLOADED before attempting to clean it!!!

Disassembling the Gun

  • Break down the action. Take the forearm off first, and then remove the barrel from the frame.

Cleaning the Shotgun

  • Attach the patch accessory tip to the cleaning rod and insert a patch. Wet the patch with cleaning solvent so that it's wet, but not soaked through. Run the rod down through the barrel with the wet patch. This will break up any powder and lead residue in the barrel. Push rod clear through the barrel and then back out.
  • Attach a wire brush tip and push the brush through the barrel to break free any residue. Run the brush clear through the barrel several times as needed.
  • Dampen another patch with solvent and run it through the barrel to clean the barrel again. 
  • Then run a dry patch through the barrel to remove any excess solvent and leftover dirt from the barrel.   Repeat this process until the patch appears clean after passing through the barrel.
  • Run one last patch, slightly damp with gun oil through the bore. This will keep the bore from rusting during the off season.  Oil it sparingly, excess oil could drain down the barrels and get into the guns action or the wood of the stock.  Aged oil can become stiff and cause problems in the action; and oil soaked into the wood can weaken it and cause cracks or even break the thin wrist of the stock.
  • Wipe all metal with a cloth, slightly damp with gun oil. All wood should be wiped down with a dry cloth to remove fingerprints, cleaning solvent drips and gun oil residue.
  • Put a light coating of gun grease on the exposed moving contact points; on the frame end of the forend, the hinge pin on the frame and the matching gun barrel's hook, and the notch at the breach end of the barrels where the locking lug and barrel mate.
  • Reassemble the gun and dry fire it to remove the tension from the springs before storing, if it was cocked.  
  • Wipe it with a dry cloth, then store in a childproof, humidity controlled safe location. Make sure not to touch the metal after cleaning because the oils from your skin can cause it to rust. Your shotgun is clean and ready for use.


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