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William Davis
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Brass hulls can have very inconsistent quality. Steels you can specify types and be fairly sure of its quality. Brass rod s often imported with very poor quality. Few years ago PGCA member posted he was having trouble chambering brass hulls that had worked fine previously.

He sent a few samples to to measure. Found they were oblong and would not chamber In my Parker 10 Hammer either. Put them in the lathe and turned them true, found cracks as soon as I took a few thou off. Had 20 RMC turned 32/40 cases from when they first started in business. Few developed cracks, RMC replaced them. I shoot a fair amount of 32/40 gave up on the turned. Drawn brass makes a much better case. 32/40 I have choices. 10 G not as much to chose from

Drawn case Anealing does make a big difference and worth trying.

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With the price of Red Dot and supply issue.What powders are being substituted?
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