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John D.
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Default Forum Decorum...

As this forum exponentially grows in size, there are some basic “rules” which need to be considered. To be honest, we believe that the tremendous growth in this community is due to adherence to some very simple guidelines. These are the same guidelines that the Administrator and all the Moderators try to maintain and adhere to – so, in reading these, you’ll understand what we “moderate” to in principle – each day, with each thread and within each post. (Ironically - if you want to tick us off – you can read these same guidelines, and figure out how to “get us going”..?? )

The Public forums are open to anyone who registers and follows these forum rules no matter how many times they post. While we do encourage PGCA membership – it is not required to post. So, here we go with what is expected.....
  • There is PRIVATE section of this site for PGCA Members only! Only in the closed PCGA Members Section are Buying and Selling vintage shotguns allowed. If you want browse the Classifieds or sell your family Parker - or ANY Parker or firearm - on this site then you MUST join the PGCA first! (Click here to join the PGCA - it's instantaneous and painless...)
  • No profanity will be tolerated.
  • Do NOT post sexual, racial, or other jokes or cartoons, and/or comments/illustrations that disparage others because they are different.
  • Do NOT post political discussions concerning Democrats, Republican, or other parties - or liberal versus conservative views/platforms. You may discuss gun rights but be careful not digress into a political debate. For example, encouraging others to vote or join the NRA are acceptable posts. Encouraging others to vote for a certain party or politician is political and not allowed.
  • Be polite and respectful to others. There are no stupid questions, there are however rude answers which might get the responder a “time out”.
  • Try to be helpful to others. If you are in a bad mood then please do not participate as your negative mood will undoubtedly show in your posts.
  • Do NOT drink alcohol and post in this forum. You know who you are – and so do we….
  • Common respectful and professional debates are encouraged BUT, that does NOT include a personal attack of the person you are debating. Frankly, if you do not like someone - do not fight or attack them in your posts. Please contact them outside this forum and our servers/systems – and then feel free to trade insults.
  • You may discuss positive or negative service or of a gunsmith, dealer, auction service, etc. – BUT – you may NOT slander them. This subject is like pornography, one knows it when they see it. Take your smut/slander elsewhere and keep this site clean. Further, if a Moderator or an Admin deletes your post, there is a reason we did so (for more on this, please read below – How to get yourself banned from the PGCA Forum).
  • Never copy a PM or private e-mail and post in public - especially if it concerns a feud with another member, business, or entity. I am NOT “Judge Judy”, nor will I take any action on your behalf in your grievance. As well, if/when you do post a private communication in a public forum, you open yourself up to a legal suit. Whether they or you might prevail – we could also care less. What we do care about is protecting this community and the members who are not interested in your complaint.
  • Only PGCA Members may sell or post wanting to buy guns and only then in the PGCA Members Section. As well, if someone posts a firearm for sale who is NOT a PGCA Member, please do NOT flame them! Gently remind them that buying/selling is a privilege accorded to only PGCA Members, and use the “Report this post” feature, and we will take care of it professionally on behalf, and in the best interest of the PGCA. As well, I’ll be modifying new Forum User's features, so you will NOT be able to contact them through the PM/email feature this forum – so they CAN NOT sell their Parker to you, as they posted as a Non-Member.
  • Do NOT post Internet links (addresses) of guns for sale or auction other than a member giving notice of their guns for sale in the Members Only section. Further, please DO NOT POST THEM IN THE PGCA FOR SALE FORUM! In short, if you do NOT own the firearm for sale, or have the right to sell it – do not post it in the PGCA For Sale Forum. The PGCA Member “Off Topic” forum would be just dandy, though…

How to get yourself banned from the PGCA Forum….

This is easy – and should be just “professional common sense”, but – at times, it appears some folks need reminding. So, here goes….
  • If an Admin/Moderator warns you in public or private – please know that there is a reason we are warning you. Should you insist on disregarding those warnings, you can, and probably will, have your posting privileges revoked.
  • If a moderator deletes your post/thread, or edits the same - do NOT try to gather a public “lynching mob” or incite a riot by posting in public ‘well, I can’t say that or I’ll get censored..’… We “moderate” given to the best interests of this community. That your “standards” are not as high as ours - is not our concern. Rather, if you have an issue with something we have moderated – ask us privately and professionally and we will explain “why” – if we haven’t already (which, we probably already have - but you decided your view is more important?). If you don’t accept it, that’s fine – take it off line. In short, posting in this community is your privilege – not “your right”, and just because you “pay your annual dues” has no bearing on your “right to post whatever you feel like”.
  • If we (Admins/Mods) take an action with a member of this community – such as giving them a “time out”, or even a permanent “ban” (I’ve banned exactly two people since I started this in 2007), please know that they know specifically why their posting privileges have been suspended – and so do we. Please do NOT post a “public lynching” thread trying to incite a public riot as to how unfair the admin/mods are. History will tell you, that if you do that – you will be embarrassed at the outcome. Rather, just ask us in private, and we will save you some public humiliation.
  • This forum is NOT your public PA system. If you send someone a PM, please DO NOT POST A NEW THREAD saying “John Doe, check your PMs”. Come on. No one wants to know you sent a PM to John Doe, nor, frankly - does anyone care? Pick up the phone and call “John Doe”, or e-mail him/her. Or…?? Just, please – do NOT post a new thread?

Jeff K. and I (and other moderators in the future) may choose to edit, amend or update these articles as this community continues to evolve. In the meantime, we thank each and all of you for choosing to become part of this same PGCA Community.

My Sincerest thanks to all - and especially to one PGCA Member, who assisted tremendously,

And oh - if you are one of the folks - who in reading this missive, is thinking "Is he talking about me?".

Yep - I probably am....

Have a great day - and thanks for reading!

John Dunkle
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