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Unread 09-22-2022, 08:16 AM   #35
Stan Hillis
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My "fear", with digital subscriptions, is that it will be lost in the future, somehow. And, not being tech savvy I am not good at "saving" stuff for future reference. With a hardcopy magazine I can always dig back through them.

Even with the CDs, how long before they are obsolete and something new and better replaces them? I've got three gun related VHS cassettes that I haven't watched in twenty years. I need to get them transferred to CD, I guess. One is Nick Makinson's excellent video on disassembly and cleaning of the L C Smith shotgun, one is an interview with Carlos Hathcock, by Maj. John Plaster, and the other is by Plaster, on how he trained snipers.

Paper never goes out of style, IMO. I, too would have paid a price increase to keep the DGJ in business.
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