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Stock repair
Unread 09-14-2022, 09:52 AM   #1
Rick Riddell
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Default Stock repair

Iíve seen a lot of post regarding stock repairs, specifically a broken wrist or shattered wrist, is there anyone out there that can pm me what you may have paid for such a repair and who you went through?
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Unread 01-20-2023, 09:10 PM   #2
Phil Cloninger
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Rick, I just ran across this post. You may not need the info now, but several years ago, I had a Repro with PG and absolutely beautiful knurly grained wood. I slipped on a steep rocky slope and cracked the stock in the wrist area. I sent it back to Parker Reproductions, still in business at the time, and they glued the stock for me.

Great job could not tell it was cracked, but years later, the gun slipped from my gloved hand and snapped completely in two. I considered getting the gun restocked but took it to John (Woody) Woodling, gunsmith at Hyatt Gun shop in Charlotte.

Woody fitted and inserted a small wooden block and an aluminum rod, then glued the stock together. I am very pleased with the repair. There was no change in the balance or handling of the gun. As I recall, the cost was around $850, probably 3 or more years ago.

One thing Woody did was mark or stain the seam with a black stain to match the grain color in the wood, but he was a little too blatant in the marking of the seam and you can definitely tell the mark is not part of the normal grain......I could highly recommend Woody....He only kept the gun for 3-4 weeks to do the repair.

I attempted to attach a couple pictures of the repair.... but am not up to speed on inserting the url of the pictures.... I will read up on that and see if I can post them.
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