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Unread 02-26-2023, 04:47 AM   #11
Joe Graziano
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Thanks, all. Yes, I’m going to have the skull mounted. He only has one fang, but it’s a nice one. He would have medaled if he’d had two, but an old buck needs to fight hard to defend his territory. Best, I have several bags of vacuumed sealed venison and pigeon for my family. I came very close to taking a muntjac after a long stalk. But, I was 90% certain of the shot, not 100%, and watched her walk. But that is hunting. Btw, I’ve never been a .243 fan but with Winchester copper ballistic tip rounds, it hammered the smaller UK deer. With the suppressor, it was like shooting a .22. Regarding Holt’s, I ran into Simon Reinhold at the shooting show. Very pleasant guy.
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Unread 02-26-2023, 10:03 AM   #12
Bill Murphy
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The March Holt's catalog is on the website now. I would like to be there.
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