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reloading tip
Unread 02-09-2023, 08:47 PM   #1
charlie cleveland
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Default reloading tip

today I made up a batch of black powder I used some charcoal I had bought off the internet a while back...I should have took more time and made the pine cone charcoal....abyway the powder I made was would ignite but had no power even with 90 grains....I decided to prime the bottom of the hull with just 3 grains of 777 then 60 grains of black powder the dud powder I just had made...well that priming did the trick it had power it kicked and made a loud bang like it was suppose to....I shot 10 rounds this way I even used 90 grains of my powder with the 3 grains of 777...really good ignition lots of time I ll make my own charcoal....those 3 grains of 777 made that dud powder come to life....charlie
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