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The only 12 I own is a No. 1 frame, so I have no horse in that race. I will say that I own three 10 gauges. Two of them are lifters, an 1880 Grade 3 on a 3 frame and an 1874 that is essentially the same grade on a 2 frame. Both are 30" barrels, but coudn't be more different. The barrels of the 1880 are marked as a little over a pound more than the 2 frame, and they happen to be exactly a pound apart in struck weight. There is a full 2 pounds difference in total weight. The 2 frame is 7# 11oz and the 3 frame is 9# 12 oz. The 3 weight feels more substantial, but handling is not much different due to weighting. They are both lively guns, even with the difference in weight. Conversely, the later hammerless gun with 32" twist barrels weigs to the ounce the same as the 3 weight lifter (9# 12oz) but feels absolutely pondorous and swings like an oil tanker, all due to weight distribution based on barrel striking and stock density.

I am of the opinion that frame size is likely the least important factor, as far as weight and handling, as opposed to barrel weight and profile and stock weight. The actual weight of the frame varies only a few ounces across normal sizes and it is centered between the hands. The real difference is the larger heavier stocks and barrels hung on the larger frames. I have noticed this with other makes too. LC's and Daly's come to mind.
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