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10 gauge Quail Loads
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Default 10 gauge Quail Loads

I've mentioned on here or there that I have a Grade 1 top lever 2 frame 10 gauge that left the factory with two sets of barrels 26" and 30" . Today I decided to try 1 ounce as well as 1 1/8 ounce . In the past I'd have used Red Dot but in my infinite wisdom I saw fit to sell close to thirty pounds of the stuff in the last 6 months and I now have none . I do however have close to twenty pounds of Green Dot and the Alliant manual shows several 1 as well as 1 1/8 ounce loads for the 12 gauge using Green Dot . I pretty much settled on a #32 MEC bushing which the book says throws 19.6 grains and no I didn't weigh it . I first tried a couple with 1 1/8 using red beans to displace space as well as a couple using 16 gauge 1/8" cards . In both I used a 10 gauge overshot card to keep the crimp relatively flat . Strangely the ones with the 16 gauge cards seemed a bit more stout . But nice enough none the less . I then put the ounce charge bar in and again used the MEC #32 bushing loaded two with redbenas and over shot card then two with 16 gauge spacers and an over shot card . Talk about powder puff loads these were it atleast in the snail , I'll need to load a few more to see how the pattern looks at 25 yards from the wide open 26" barrels . It's worth a mention when loading each version I'd load one in a RST hull and one in a REM hull and saw no noticable difference based on the hulls . If the patterns look decent I'll have to try a few rounds of skeet with the once loads . If I can hit skeet birds well enough to suit me the quail will be in for a world of hurt if they flush in my quadrant .
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