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I'm learning about my Parker Shotgun
Unread 04-30-2024, 01:27 PM   #1
Dion Fennell
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Default I'm learning about my Parker Shotgun

Good afternoon all. I am finally getting acquainted with my Parker shotgun. It was handed down to me from my grandfather through my mother. I've never shot it and it's been in a soft case for decades.

I bought a cleaning kit and have used the site to find the pertinent markings.
Frame Size -1 1/2 (12, 16, and 20 gauge)
Weight - 311
Serial # - 223715 (1927)
Grade - V
Steel - Vulcan

I know it's valuable due to my mother not giving me the gun until I was an adult. My grandfather died five days before I was born. He valued and used the gun well.

I've shot many rifles and hunted sporadically when I was young so I have some experience. But I never had a Parker. The gun is in good shape and it still has the leather butt cover that my grandfather enjoyed.

I'd appreciate any advice on any aspect of owning the gun. For example; what shells should I use and, what gauge is best. Are there any don'ts?

I'd like to take any information given, clean it properly then take it out to a range for firing.

I'd also like to know it's value.
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