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3 Ladies & Parkers at the 1902 (Last) GAH at Live Birds
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Default 3 Ladies & Parkers at the 1902 (Last) GAH at Live Birds

The ladies taking part were Mrs. Frank E. Butler (Annie Oakley), Mrs. (Sophrona) S. Johnston and “Wenonah.” Their shooting was watched with great interest, and a crowd followed them from trap to trap whenever their turn came to go around the circuit of the four sets of traps.
On Monday there was considerable wind, and the birds were fresh. Annie Oakley missed her second and eighth, both good birds, in the Kansas City sweepstake, and withdrew.
Mrs. Johnston lost her first one dead outside; missed the fifth and eighth, and withdrew. “Wenonah” did not shoot, except, in the big event.
On the second day, Mrs. Johnston lost the fifth dead outside and withdrew on the eighth round with seven dead. Annie Oakley killed six straight and missed the seventh and eighth, the last being dead outside.
In the Grand American Handicap Annie Oakley killed 22 out of 25 from 27 yards. She lost the third and fifth, and killed fourteen straight, losing the twentieth, a fast right quarterer, out of bounds. Considering the quality of the birds and five days’ shooting, her performance was very meritorious. She used a Parker gun, 7 2/16 lbs. 3 drams Schultze, 1 1/8 oz. No. 7 1/2 and 7 Tatham chilled shot, in U. M. C. Trap shells.
Mrs. Johnston stood at 25 yards. She killed eight straight on Wednesday, missed the tenth and twelfth on Thursday, and on Friday lost the seventeenth, twentieth, twenty-second and twenty-fourth, and withdrew. Two of her kills, were exceptionally good, both birds being fast outgoers, brought down with a long second shot. She used a Parker 7 12-16 lbs. 3 1/2 Drams. Hazard 1 1/4 No. 7 chilled shot, in Winchester Leader shells.
“Wenonah” lost six out of sixteen birds and withdrew. She used a Parker. 7 1/2 lbs., 3 1/2 Drams Hazard, 1 1/4 No. 7 Tatham’s chilled shot, in Winchester Leader shells. She shot from the 26-yard mark.

Those were boomer loads in less than 8# guns!

More on "Princess Wenona" here
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