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A gentleman sent me some Parker Catalogues, I had bought years ago a P grade 410 steel brl gun from him, he was getting rid of some stuff and he thought I might like them, I do not know anything about Parker Paper, unfortunatly My phone fell out of my pocket while on the tractor and I ran over the damn thing, so when my wife gets home in a couple days I will try to get her to take some photos. They are as follows 1- a catalouge with a clown on it in red pants green cover looks to be 3" x5" 2- a yellow book iron founders and machinist5"x7" 3-a3"x5" red with a flying geese on it says 4/1/30 4- a small 3"x5" brown paper with a Parker gun on it 5- a green catalouge with flying geese on it 6-a large catalouge with pine combs on it with a order blank page in the book also says 1908 written in pencilm there is more but for the time being it will do, some of the catalouges I have 2or three copies
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