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Originally Posted by Greg Baehman View Post
I don't know why you'd be surprised, Edgar. Sling swivels can be a very practical and useful item in many of the duck hunting situation.
I was surprised that you didnít criticize their installation, because youíre frequently critical of alterations, ďdreamersĒ if I recall you called those who alter chokes. As to the practicality of sling swivels, I totally agree with you. Shocked arenít you.
Very rarely do I give a rats ass about alterations to a gun I own. Iím not a flipper, overly concerned about exit value. Thatís not to say I wonít sell a gun but I know what I like and usually know if something has been fussed with in a gun Iím considering. Between my dad and I, I dare say weíve had over 100 Parkers but that goes back to 1935, when he sold his Model A (Ford) in order to buy a DHE 20 from the head nurse at the Troy NY hospital where he work while in college. He had a dozen before he even met my mother.
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