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I just called Ernie and he called me back with a list of those exibitors and vendors who have committed to the June event. They are, in no particular order, as follows:


Classic Fly fishing

Fox River Sporting

Steve Cobb

Jim Guild Guns

Morphy's Auctions

Dan Rossiter

Kenny Waite III

Mike Weiser Guns

Cole Johnson Art

Jon Hosford

Robin Hollow

Barnett Fine Guns

Larry Munther SXS and Winchesters

Robert Russo Guns

David Kain Sculptor

Burl Bob

Outdoor Insiders Clothing

Wesley Richards

Geoffroy Gourney Engraving

RST Classic Shotshells

Parker Gun Collectors Display

AH Fox Collectors Display

LC Smith Collectors Display

Lefever Collectors Display

And maybe a half-dozen others who have not firmly committed yet.

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