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I have been using #8 TSS 7/8oz and 1oz loads in my 12ga Parkers with damascus barrels for the past two years. With 2 3/4" shells using 16-16.4 grains of Red dot, a Remington STS primer, the pressure is 6100 PSI. The DH with D4, 30 in barrels weighs 8.4 pounds. I use a cut down wad for steel shot with a mylar sleeve and buffer in with the shot; there is virtually no recoil with this load at 1200 fps. #8 TSS is equal to #3 lead due to its density, no shot deformation and with much less frictional drag the patterns are exceptional. Further, when you hit a turkey with these loads the are dead. All the shot goes completely through the bird; they never kick or flap when you pick them up; stone dead. And, virtually no damage to the barrels. Devastating turkey and goose load.
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