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If you are a PGCA Member...
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Default If you are a PGCA Member...

Hey folks!!

If you are a current PGCA Annual or Life Member - would you take a moment to post back in this thread??

While I'm trying to find you in the current printed Roster - some of you are not listed. Therefore, while I'm updating User Titles, you may notice that the "PGCA Member Forums" disappeared..! It simply means I haven't found you in the roster or not aware of your Member Status!! Sorry about that..!

So - if you are a PGCA Member - can you post back in this thread if you are a current PGCA Member (and if you are an annual or Lifer - that will save me some work later, OK?)? That would be great!! (And no - I don't need any other info, OK??)

My thanks!!

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