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Originally Posted by Mills Morrison View Post
Is it a 12 gauge or 10 gauge? Looks like a 10 gauge, in which case, shells are going to be tough to find. 12 gauge is much easier. You might be able to find some 10 to 12 chamber inserts and go that way
Mills, it is hard to have perspective in those pictures but it is a 12, and a light 12. It has 2 1/2” chambers and is on a 1 frame. I almost feel like it handles lighter more like my Ruger Red Label 20 than my Red Label 12. It will be interesting to see how the recoil feels with low pressure shells.

I am not familiar with the gauge inserts.

Edit: I am not sure what that scowl emoji is doing at the top of the post. I didn’t put it there intentionally.

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