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Originally Posted by Bill Murphy View Post
Annie shot from 27 yards in the 1902 GAH and killed 23X25. That was her handicap unless you consider that she was shooting a Parker when she could have shot a Model 97 Winchester and snagged those two missed birds.
The two that got away or the one that got away are the story of every competitive clay bird shooter thats ever been . NO ONE has ever been perfect from start to end of their competitive life . If I had the one or two missed targets back from the many many many 98's and 99's I shot over the years my talley of 100 straights would go from in the 20's to more into 150-200 . And I SURE DO WISH I could have it back on just the 410 skeet targets as I've never broke 100 straight with the 410 but a frickin pile of 98's and several 99's .
Parkerís , 6.5mmís , Mannlicher Schoenauerís and my family in the Philippines !
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