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Barrels not freely releasing from the receiver has nothing to do with ejectors, and occurs on extractor guns also.
With the Fore End Removed you will see the unhooking pin extending out of the front of the receiver. The fore end prevents this pin from protruding, and it, in turn prevents the unhooking slide from allowing the cocking hook, on the barrel from disengaging from the cocking crank. When the fore end is removed, the unhooking pin should move forward, by it's spring. It may be that the unhooking pin, itself is gummed up enough to not fully move forward, but more likely, the unhooking slide itself is also gummed up and not allowing the cocking hook and cocking crank to disengage from each other.
Simply removing the trigger plate will disengage the hook and crank, but if the unhooking slide and pin are dirty, putting it back together, without a thorough cleaning, will get you right back to where you were
If you don't have proper gunsmith's screwdrivers, just send the gun out to Brian or any other competent gunsmith for a good cleaning.
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