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Quite right, Daryl, on all points. That trigger is perfection, for a single trigger, and the ejectors are trouble free as well. The barrels have to be tough, too. Mine has digested factory steel loads for many, many years with no issues, to the tubes, that I have been able to determine. Oh, how I wish they had made some with 32" barrels!! At one time I was considering having one sleeved to 32", but decided the juice wouldn't be worth the squeeze.

On another note, concerning the 12 ga. BSS, it has the narrowest frame, across the breech balls, of any 12 ga. S X S I've ever measured. Look down on one from the top next time you have a chance and notice just how sleek it looks from the top. Not the prettiest S x S when viewed from the sides, but one of the best suited for sporting clays and ducks I've ever found.
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