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Roll stamped Grade 1 Lifter
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Default Roll stamped Grade 1 Lifter

Picked up a new to me 12 ga. Grade 1 lifter with the roll stamped sideplates. S/n 21697, 1881 date per the book, havent ordered a letter yet. 30 in. PT bbls., straight grip, bores .753, chokes .720 R, .723 L. Although the wood and metal finish is well worn, there are no anomolies apparent and most of the screws appear to be untouched. Action is tight and bores have the faintest frosting but no pits. Except for the finish wear, this is as close to an original condition unmolested Parker as I have been able to acquire. Be interested if anyone can shed light on the "5" stamped on the barrel flats. Havent seen that before. Have a flat of old Polywad 2 1/2 inch vintager #6 loads I will pattern it with, Haven't weighed it yet but it feels like an 8 lb gun.
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