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Originally Posted by Garry L Gordon View Post
Very nice! So had the bird moved? Hard to tell distances with a phone image, but your dog on point was beautiful.

Probably about 25 yards from the end of her nose. I train to have the dogs go on point as soon as they hit sent. I can then walk forward and if the birds have moved I walk back tap her and do a short tweet on the whistle. If birds are late season birds they will walk out from the pointers, but generally one or two relocates and we will have them pinned.

I'm always surprised at desert cover. Things are still lush and thick here...and the chiggers are in full force. I'm guessing there are no chiggers in the desert(?)

Unfortunately at higher elevations such as this 4,000 ft plus we have chiggers.
We have had some decent monsoon rains so things are greening up nice. Unfortunately not all areas have gotten rain.

Phil, it looks like the provenance has begun in good fashion. Now for wild birds? I hope the hatch was decent.
Yes I will use this gun at least once a week for training, and of course some dairy shoots on pigeons, and Eurasian dove are in the plans.
Desert birds took another hit due to the draught. I did see a mom with a dozen week old babies this week. This is really a very late hatch.
We will know about Mearns soon, some areas are looking better.
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