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Garry L Gordon 05-14-2022 09:39 AM

Like John, I had it done on a Smith I purchased, but in this case the triggers were reversed from the normal (right barrel first). I did note that one of the triggers on the reversed configuration extended beyond the perimeter of the guard a bit. Again, this was on a Smith 20 gauge. According to the gunsmith that reversed the triggers, it was an easy job.

Tracy Pellett 05-14-2022 11:57 AM

Thank you all for sharing your information. I’ll see if my gunsmith is up for the task . Tracy

Tracy Pellett 05-17-2022 09:17 PM

I took the gun to my gunsmith and he found a burr on the right barrel that keep my Connecticut Shotgun gauge from going in completely . The barrels are so close at the chokes that a trigger change doesn’t seem necessary . Thanks again for your help . Tracy

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