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Joel Hackett 05-25-2022 03:00 PM

Market Price for SBT
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I recently found this SBT listed online with almost no info by the gun shop and priced at 1.5k.

I need to find out the serial, barrel length, bore condition assuming it's 12 gauge.

What would be a good ballpark for a SBT in this general condition ?

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charlie cleveland 05-25-2022 03:36 PM

sounds like a good price if the gun is in fair shape....charlie

Dean Romig 05-25-2022 03:58 PM

I wouldn’t hesitate.


CraigThompson 05-25-2022 04:13 PM

I have three of which two were about double that price and the third was almost twice that price . Two of mine are 32 and the other is 34 . If I was ever to buy a fourth SBT it would be for one or more of the following reasons , #1 factory 30 gun , #2 factory straight grip and #3 higher grade as all three that I have are SC grades .

Brian Dudley 05-25-2022 04:20 PM

If you wanted one, it is a good price. It looks pretty unmolested and it is an earlier gun.

Joel Hackett 05-25-2022 08:47 PM

I was able to pickup the SC. 1,555.00 shipped seemed to be too good to pass up. I’ll post some pictures of it when it arrives.

The action is reported as tight, very nice bore and 34” barrel.

Being an SC with a 34” barrel it’s looks to be one of 353 produced.

On a side note they also have this Wesley Richards SBT consigned by the same owner.

Scott Smith 05-25-2022 09:10 PM

Parker SBT
34, straight grip! Whats not to like?

GunnerGrilli 05-25-2022 09:51 PM

Nice gun. Bargain price!!! Well done.

Gunner Grilli

John Davis 05-25-2022 10:02 PM

Sounds like a good deal. Congratulations!

Mike Koneski 05-28-2022 05:43 PM

Nice pick up JW!!

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