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Stan Hillis 09-22-2022 08:16 AM

My "fear", with digital subscriptions, is that it will be lost in the future, somehow. And, not being tech savvy I am not good at "saving" stuff for future reference. With a hardcopy magazine I can always dig back through them.

Even with the CDs, how long before they are obsolete and something new and better replaces them? I've got three gun related VHS cassettes that I haven't watched in twenty years. I need to get them transferred to CD, I guess. One is Nick Makinson's excellent video on disassembly and cleaning of the L C Smith shotgun, one is an interview with Carlos Hathcock, by Maj. John Plaster, and the other is by Plaster, on how he trained snipers.

Paper never goes out of style, IMO. I, too would have paid a price increase to keep the DGJ in business.

Bob Brown 09-22-2022 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by Mills Morrison (Post 372300)
It is. Look at the ad which includes Parkers at the End of the Rainbow and Diggory Haddoke's video

Thank you, Mills.

Phil Yearout 09-22-2022 06:08 PM

I used my credit toward the Parker serialization book which I received today. I really didn't need it as I'm not really a collector but I already own most of the other stuff :).

Gary Carmichael Sr 09-23-2022 10:53 AM

Well I was glad to get an article in with the help of Steve Cambria, winter 2021, I have read all the articles in the last issue . I guess with DGJ gone I will read George Orwells 1984 again and follow the plight of Winston and Julia Gary

Mills Morrison 09-23-2022 12:20 PM

For all practical purposes, there is an infinite amount of books, magazines and other writings on old guns and hunting out there. I have been enjoying Michael Petrov's books which I found on here as well as some Steve Smith books, among a few others.

Jack Kuzepski 09-23-2022 03:17 PM

This might not be much and it is digital, but have you checked out Digory Haddokes web site? It is His web site has guns for sale and some of his other services but more importantly (at least to me) he has the vintage gun journal. It has articles on guns, gun makers, auctions, people, etc. He adds several new articles each month

Jim Thynne 09-26-2022 11:00 PM

Saddened by the news, Great magazine, great people!

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