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NateHawley 07-09-2022 05:41 PM

Nate, Osceola WI
Hello all, been on the site alot looking at things I was recently able to purchase 3 parker bro guns. Will need some help with ID on a couple of em at some point. but excited to finally be a Parker brothers owner and looking forward to doing some hunting with em!!!


Randy G Roberts 07-09-2022 07:31 PM

Hello Nate. You should join the PGCA and order research letters on your guns if records are available on them. You can determine that by going to the homepage and from there to the research section where you will be able to enter your serial number to see if records are available. Tell us about your Parkers?

Harold Lee Pickens 07-10-2022 06:44 AM

welcome Nate, we look forward to seeing pictures of your Parkers.

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