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David L. Stoddard 07-18-2022 07:49 PM

New member from Texas
I have a question about a new (to me) Parker VHE 20 gauge. It has a single selective Miller trigger. I am interested in finding out if Parker did make non-auto safeties on these shotguns. The trigger works fine (i bought snap caps) and the ejectors work perfectly as well. Did Parker instal Miller triggers from the factory? This shotgun was made in 1923. I did send in a request for research letter recently but I'm sure it will take some time to get back to me.

Chuck Bishop 07-18-2022 09:45 PM

Hello David,

To our knowledge, Parker did not install Miller Triggers at the factory. I just got your request for a letter today. I'm going to reply to you via e-mail with a question.

John Knobelsdorf II 07-19-2022 12:41 PM

I see this question: "I am interested in finding out if Parker did make non-auto safeties on these shotguns."

As we see in the patent history, Charles King described in his first hammerless patent how it includes an "automatic" safety.

To reset the safety, there is a rod that is moved by cranking the top lever. That top lever cranking motion uses the rod to push the safety into the "safe" position "automatically".

That rod can be taken out, so now it becomes a "safety" or can be called a "non-automatic" safety.

As I understand the history, there are examples of guns that were ordered without the automatic safety feature. And some are noted as such in the order books.

Who wants it to be "non-automatic"? Commonly, it will be trap and live bird shooters.

If your VHE 20 gauge safety is "non-automatic" then does the configuration of barrel length and chokes suggest it was for trap?

The relevant part is named "safety pin", it is Number 26 here:

David L. Stoddard 07-20-2022 03:16 PM

Thanks for the info. The gun has 30 inch barrels that a gunsmith used a fixed tool that had marking on the brass tool such as IM, F, etc. This indicated that the chokes are R=IM, and L=Full. I sent a few pics to a very knowledgeable source who said the beavertail fore-end may not be original since there is no gap between the Metal and wood...the checkering goes all the way to the metal. The metal fore-end and action serial number are the same. There was an additional oddity in there was a # 2 under the serial number on the fore-end metal. The knowledgeable source did say that the rib from the under side of barrels to attach the fore-end is designed for a beavertail fore-end.

David L. Stoddard 07-20-2022 03:22 PM

I am a lover of old side by side shotguns. Parkers are among my favorites. I am not new to owning or using some of these guns but am a neophyte to the collecting side of things. That said... I appreciate all the knowledge I'm gaining from this forum and gun club.

David L. Stoddard 07-28-2022 08:46 PM

The Gun actually has 28 inch barrels.. Sorry about that!

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