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Phillip Carr 07-13-2021 08:13 AM

Custom Fox
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I would like to share a few pictures of a custom Fox that all started with a conversation with Chris Dawe.
I will post some pictures and descriptions of the work over the next week to bring the project up to date and then post weekly updates of the project as the work continues to completion.
Chris had come out to hunt quail with me here in AZ on two separate occasions. During one of these hunts for Mearns quail we had a discussion about my desire to have a custom Double built.
Chris owns Stillwater Restorations has built a number of beautiful custom Doubles and I had particularly liked the Foxes that he and Lemieux Armuriers had collaborated on.
I knew going into this project that I would need to finance this work by selling some of my other guns from my collection. I justified the project in my own mind by telling myself that I was not spending any real additional money.
A little over a year ago I purchased a 20 gauge Sterlingworth and started the process of exporting it to Canada.
This was followed by selecting a blank from Cecil Fredi in Las Vegas.
I looked over hundreds of blanks that Cecil sent me pictures of. Finally settling on a pieces of dark English Walnut. Which I promptly sent to Chris.

Dean Romig 07-13-2021 08:47 AM

Amazing figure in that one Phil!

What a terrible tease you are!! :corn:


Brett Hoop 07-13-2021 08:48 AM

Always an interesting process to view.

Phillip Carr 07-13-2021 09:05 AM

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Here are a few pictures of the frame before Chris started his sculpting and shaping. Also with the frame final filed and ready for engraving.

Dean Romig 07-13-2021 09:29 AM

That's going to be really nice!

I wasn't aware Chris was doing metal work. What an artist he is!


Phillip Carr 07-13-2021 10:15 AM

He is a Jack of all trades and a Master of all.

Dean Romig 07-13-2021 10:40 AM

Who would have thought a roughneck on an oil rig could be such an artist...?



Phillip Carr 07-14-2021 09:40 AM

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There is not much Chris canít do. He is a Renaissance man. From building his own home. Hauling everything needed out to the middle of no where and building his own cabin.
Not much he can t repair. One of the finest gunsmiths and stockers out there, and a hell of a friend.
Here are a few more pictures.

keavin nelson 07-14-2021 10:08 AM

This is going to be a beautiful gun, outstanding wood, can't wait to see the engraving move forward!

Phillip Carr 07-14-2021 10:19 AM

I am calling this Fox my “BRADY ROSE” GUN. Named after my 3 year old granddaughter that will own this some day. It will be as pretty as she is….almost. LOL

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