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Dean Romig 12-23-2021 12:19 PM

My research shows that during the years that Parker-made Laminated Steel barrels were manufactured (1877-1879) and likely used in production (and for about another 3 years after the years of their production) there were 166 Grade 2 guns with L in the GRA column in the Serialization book; 37 Grade 3; 5 Grade 4; 2 Grade 5; but only 1 Grade 1 with Laminated Steel barrels.

(Caveat: We do NOT know if all of the guns in this range with the L in the GRA column were Parker-made Laminated Steel but certainly the vast majority of them very likely were. Some may have had barrels of English Laminated.)

I had thought that Grades 3 and higher were the only guns to have the Parker-made Laminated Steel barrels but in the last few years have come to believe otherwise.

Regarding the Deeley & Edge style forend latching system, (from pgs. 99-100 of The Parker Story) this new Charles A. King design was first offered in the 1878 catalog at a $5 charge on guns below Grade 3 but it became a standard feature on all grades beginning in 1880 at no extra charge. The first gun recorded with this new latching system is serial number 11631 .

Further - a quote also from pg. 100 "Some early Parker doubles have been seen with the 1878 forend latch retrofitted, undoubtedly by the factory. These have the new forend latch, the original barrel loop altered, and the hole in the forend plugged where the original key had been." (We recently saw such a forend on the forum by a member who had questions about it.) The patent date is roll-stamped on the latch lever on the lower grades but is hand-engraved on D grades and higher.

Once again I will say that The Parker Story is a most valuable resource in these discussions!!


Arthur Shaffer 12-23-2021 12:50 PM

It's a shame no one kept a record (or it is lost) of the number of Parker barrels actually made. I too believe the total number was likely in the 200 range, but I do believe that a significant part of the 211 listed were imports. I can't believe that Parker used up their entire supply of imported laminates and then used almost exclusively what were expensive barrels (to them) on most of the laminate production. I would rather think that they used up their supply of imports on the lower grades in an effort to convert over to their own. It is obvious from reading the Parker Story concerning their production method that they kept a good inventory of parts in stock. So I have to presume they had an inventory on hand when the Parker laminates became available. That would put the real number less than the 211. However, there are multiple occurances of Damascus graded guns that were sold as such with Parker laminated barrels. Counting Mike's gun and the one I bought recently. I have found records of 7 or eight in the last couple of months just by reading old posts here. All but one I found mentioned are Grade 3 or above. That is a significant number compared to the actual L graded guns reported in the records. This would add to the presumed numbers.

Whatever the true number, it is a small number.

Stan Hoover 12-23-2021 01:20 PM

Laminated Barrels
Does the rib legend signify if it was imported Laminated steel or Parker's own laminated Steel? Or how is the difference decided?

Dean Romig 12-23-2021 02:08 PM

The legend on the rib says nothing about where they were sourced. The only ways to tell is by the laminate pattern and most of the Parker-made barrels have a P stamped in the forward area of right barrel flat. NOT to be mistaken with the P inside of a diamond.


Jay Oliver 12-24-2021 08:29 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Another lifter to share...a late 32" Twist 3 frame 12 gauge, serial #77463 and weighs an even 10lbs. I had posted about it recently in another thread. It is one I should really shoot/hunt with more often. From all of my research, I believe it is the last straight stock Parker Lifter made...

charlie cleveland 12-24-2021 01:30 PM

a great no 3 frame just something special about these guns....I have a hammerless 3 frame....charlie

Larry Stauch 12-25-2021 11:58 AM

Lifter 10 gauge
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This is my only lifter; a 10 gauge, 4559, with 30" Damascus barrels. I've posted it before, but not in a discussion specifically about lifters.

Dean Romig 12-25-2021 12:15 PM

Larry, that’s a beautiful Parker!
The sculpting on the bolsters would seem to indicate a Grade 3 but the engraving would seem to indicare a higher grade. These were “dollar quality” guns in those serial number ranges so who knows? Do you have a research letter on it?

I love that engraving! It looks like the work of Jacob Glahn…


Stan Hoover 12-26-2021 11:26 PM

The forward ovals that have the dog in really look allot like my Grade 4 10 gauge lifter even though the sculpting on the bolsters favors a grade 3.

I really like the rear ovals with the hunter and the dog, yours is quite an early gun,
Thanks for sharing,

Chuck Bishop 12-27-2021 12:12 PM

Unfortunately, the stock book is of no help for Larry's gun. Other than it was a 10ga. with 30" Damascus barrels, the rest of the data is faded away and not readable.

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