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todd allen 08-23-2022 07:53 PM

It's a 30" 12 gauge with Perazzi dimensions.

Brian Dudley 08-24-2022 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by todd allen (Post 370238)
It's a 30" 12 gauge with Perazzi dimensions.

The dimensions do look great on that one! What a gun!

Mills Morrison 08-24-2022 11:12 AM

Beautiful Todd! And the zebra is cool too. We got one in Namibia and it was memorable to say the least

todd allen 08-24-2022 11:54 AM

The zebra came to me from a friend who was a taxidermist, and went to Africa every year.
Hagan Thompson, from Las Vegas. Passed away a few years ago.
The story was, that a livestock truck was transporting zebras, and got in an accident, killing one of the zebras.
Hagan and his entourage rolled up on the scene, and Hagan asked if he could skin/cape the dead zebra.
They said okay, and here we are. We were visiting with Hagan regarding a deer mount, and my wife spotted the zebra rug, and had to have it.
Interesting side story: Hagan was a really funny and colorful guy. He (and wife) became friends with a retired stripper, who happened to be African American, and who got into hunting from back in her "work days" in Alaska.
Hagan took her to Africa at least once, maybe twice. Lot's of funny stories, but I've already taken this topic too far into the weeds.

Mike Koneski 08-27-2022 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by Joseph Salomon (Post 370164)
Hello and good morning Stan, I am new to this and just purchased a 32" 10gauge Damascus Parker Brothers shotgun 1880 date. Where can I get a new stock for it?

You will have to find someone who will restock your double. If the stock is damaged and can be repaired, that'll cost much less. Even if you happen to find a stock from another gun, you'll still need to have it fit by someone that knows what they are doing. A new stock will cost you easily $2000 and up.

Mike Koneski 08-27-2022 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by todd allen (Post 370236)

Double guns and pool!! Now you're digging where the taters are!! :bowdown:

Mike Koneski 08-27-2022 03:26 PM

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How's this for a lifter? Because in Russia women don't lift weights, weights lift women.

Stan Hoover 08-29-2022 02:54 PM

Your idea of a lifter is a little skewed, actually really off.:nono:

I'm trying to get that picture out of my head:fg:

Mike Koneski 08-30-2022 12:15 PM

Thanks Stan, looks like my work here is done. :whistle::rotf:

todd allen 08-30-2022 07:01 PM

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Ran across this old picture from about 22 years ago. Me and my old hunting partner, Doctors Gresen (he's behind the Camara)
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