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  1. Cock back left hammer to fully expose lockplate screw. This screw will be behind the hammer on top action models. This is a lifter.      
  2. Remove the lock plate retaining screw. Always be sure to use the correct size screwdriver bits.   
  3. Trigger guard screw.   
  4. Remove trigger guard screw.   
  5. Twist off trigger guard. Counter clockwise.   
  6. Remove right lock plate. This can be done by wiggling the hammer a bit to see if plate will work free. Or the retaining screw can be put back into its hole, started for a few threads and then tapped with a brass hammer to free right lock plate.
  7. Then remove left lock plate. This can also be done by wiggling the hammer.
  8. Remove the REAR trigger plate screw.
  9. Remove the FRONT trigger plate screw.
  10. Remove the upper tang screw.
  11. On lifter models that were made around 1876 and later, the lifter bar is one piece. So, the trigger plate cannot be removed until the lifter bar is removed. This is done by first removing the bolt retaining screw. It is exposed by pressing up on the lifter, which fully retracts the bolt.

    *Note, on earlier lifters with the separate lifter button and bar. The plate can be removed by first removing the lifter button. Then the trigger plate can be lifted off over the lifter bar.
  12. Removed bolt retaining screw.
  13. Slide the bolt out through the front of the action.
  14. Remove lifter bar by pulling it out the bottom of the trigger plate.
  15. Remove the trigger plate. This can be done by wiggling the triggers, or by tapping down thrught the water table slot with a wooden dowel and hammer. Be careful in either of these operations.
  16. Remove the bolt lock or "hold open". There is also a spring that may be loose when you remove the trigger plate. On this gun, it was held onto the trigger plate.
  17. The receiver then comes away free from the buttstock.
  18. There is also a spring for the lifter bar that can be removed from the receiver. 
  19. If the firing pins need to be removed: Carefully unscrew the retainers. A special screwdriver is NOT required for this as the firing pin will depress down past the slot so that a regular bit can be used. Just make sure to use the correct bit for the size of the slot.
  20. The firing pins will pull out and there is also a spring in front of them.
  21. All lifter hammer gun metal parts are shown.
  22. All lifter hammer gun components with buttstock are shown.



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