Advertising Manager:  Mike Kobos (


  Parker Pages accepts several forms of advertising from organizations having similar interests as the PGCA.  A listing in the Dealers Page Directory will continue to be available to all PGCA members at no charge. Business card ads will be available to all PGCA members for a onetime charge of $50.   

The Dealers Page and Business Card ads must be received and/or on file with the Advertising Manager one day before the close of each issue. The ads will be filed, and repeated until withdrawn by the member. These ads will be carried on a space available basis.  Ads run for nonmembers will run on the basis of the terms below. 

 Parker Pages will adopt the rate schedule listed below, commencing with the Spring 2016 issue. Should an ad incur special handling charges due to untimely arrival, or due to the necessity of additional design work by the printer, a surcharge will be added to offset these charges. There will be a charge for revisions to the ad during the year if the revisions incur additional design charges by the publisher.             


1. Full page color ad.

  a. One issue = $750

  b. Four issues = $1500.00


2.  NEW   Full Page color ad Back Cover

     Four Issues only Option = $2000


3. Full page black and white ad.

  a. One issue = $500

  b. Four issues = $1000


4. Half page color ad.

  a. One issue = $500

  b. Four issue = $1000


5. Half page black and white ad.

  a. One issue =   $400

  b. Four issues = $650


6. Quarter page color ad.

 a. One issue = $400

 b. Four issues = $650


7. Quarter page black and white ad.

 a. One issue = $200

 b. Four issue = $325


8. Business Card

 a. One issue = $100

 b. Four issues = $200  

New ads should be presented 15 days before issue close; and the final form should be delivered at least one day before the date of issue close.

Parker Pages may waive advertising charges to organizations that provide reciprocal or recognized service to PGCA.

Announcements of events considered of interest to PGCA members will continue to be listed for free on the Events page of each issue of Parker Pages.

Closing dates are as follows.

Spring Issue-January 15th

Summer Issue-April 15th

Autumn Issue-July 15th

Winter Issue-October 15th

 Supporting graphics should be placed at 300 dpi (or higher) at 100% of scale. PDF or JPG files preferred.

To place an ad, or for more information please contact Michael Kobos at:  Telephone: (978) 394-2784

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