The Distinguished Service Awards Program is to be an annual event and will be conducted at the same venue each year, e.g. the PGCA Annual Meeting and Banquet.  In successive years the number of awards shall not exceed three of the most deserving candidates.  Many names will have been considered but only a maximum of three recipients will be awarded annually. The decision to award only the small number annually is so as not to diminish the meritorious deeds of these few by surrounding them with several others who's service is deeply appreciated but may not have gone quite the distance of this select few.

Some examples of such service are that they may have taken the responsibility for organizing and putting forth a successful event for the benefit of PGCA members or  they may have been an ambassador of good will representing the PGCA at shows, meetings or shooting events by manning the booth, setting up and taking down displays, and welcoming visitors.  They are the energy behind the PGCA that makes a better organization and an association that members are proud of.

Members of the PGCA Board of Directors and officers are disqualified from receiving the Distinguished Service Award by the mere fact that they are not considered, for these purposes, to be the regular membership while holding office.

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