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A fox transformed.
Unread 08-07-2019, 02:24 PM   #1
B. Dudley
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Default A fox transformed.

This is quite a "before and after" on this little 16g. Fox B grade.

The butt had been messed up as bad as I have ever seen with some sort of bodgery to attempt fitting a new buttplate. The wood had to be re-profiled and feathered into the forward portion of the stock before a new old stock Noshoc pad could be installed.

The whole stock was then cleaned up and refinished. Forend too. The finish techniques used really made the grain stand out. All of the original checkering was then recut.

in some ways it looks like a completely different gun.







B. Dudley
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Unread 08-07-2019, 06:56 PM   #2
Ken Hill
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Very nice look to the new finish. Great looking gun!

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Unread 08-07-2019, 09:13 PM   #3
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The little factory at North 18th Street and Windrim Avenue certainly put some great wood on their B-/BE-Grades.
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Unread 08-07-2019, 09:24 PM   #4
Milton C Starr
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Wow the new finish really brings out the contrast in the stock !
I really like the way the grain appears to sweep upwards on the stock .
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Redone Fox
Unread 08-08-2019, 04:24 PM   #5
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Default Redone Fox

Brian you are a wizard with wood. You must have magic wand to fix some of these major screw ups. Perfection is your standard and it shows in your work. Hope to have you wave your wand over a pistol grip AH stock someday. Nice job. David
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Unread 08-09-2019, 08:26 AM   #6
Mike Franzen
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Great job Brian! Another one saved.
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Unread 08-16-2019, 11:13 AM   #7
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Spectacular transformation on quite a rare gun.
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Unread 08-16-2019, 09:08 PM   #8
Dean Romig
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That's what they mean by "marblecake"

"I'm a Setter man.
Not because I think they're better than the other breeds,
but because I'm a romantic - stuck on tradition - and to me,
a Setter just "belongs" in the grouse picture."

George King, "That's Ruff", 2010 - a timeless classic.
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