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Gunsmith you have used for a Parker and did work you liked
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Default Gunsmith you have used for a Parker and did work you liked

Over the years I have been fortunate to be introduced to gunsmiths that did quality work. Earlier in life, I have used gunsmiths that were not so good an did more damage that good.

Only after I became involved with the PGCA and exchanged information about my needs and the experiences of others did I begin to find those special gunsmiths that do high quality work. It would be nice if we could find that kind of advice all in one place.

Everyone is looking for a competent gunsmith to do work on quality doubles and I think we could do a service to everyone if we built up a list to reference quality gunsmiths here on the this forum.

I know this could be a thread that will degrade into an argumentative debate on the good and the bad, so I would like to establish some rules to help avoid that from happening. I want to focus only on the good!

1) Post a name and contact information only for people you have had direct experience with their work.
2) If they specialize in a particular area, list that too.... stocks, barrels, restoration, triggers...etc.
3) Post only positive experiences, list only someone who you would personally recommend.
4) If someone listed a gunsmith you were about to post to this thread, don't list them a second time. Rather, use the "thank you" thumbs up button to register that you concur that you would recommend him. That will result in us knowing how widely used he is and how highly he is regarded. This could be the most important part of this thread
5) If you have used someone and didn't find him qualified, bite your tong and do nothing. A gunsmith can't please everyone and you may be one of a few that had a bad experience. If on the other hand, if he isn't good, the "thank you" acknowledgments from others will be low to indicate that.
6) Make only one gunsmith to a post.
7) If you want to expand on someone's previous posting in regard to an area a gunsmith specializes in, enter them again following the rules stated above.
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