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16-s are the BEST!
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Default 16-s are the BEST!

Kills like a 12 and carry like a 20....(-: I have several16-s that weight runs from a light 5lb-8oz up to about 6lbs-6oz. I do not like to shoot factory loads like 1oz promo game loads as they beat you up after 50 or so rounds of clays and its pricy to shoot the other loads that are available. So I worked up a hand load, 7/8oz at 1000 FPS or just under. My shooting improved with my handloads and I can shoot all I want with no adverse effect on my shoulder or shooting skills from hard recoil. The cost runs about 4.00 box if I search out deals for the components. I found that the Mec sizemaster press is a great press for this loading need and Graf & Sons is a good place to buy one if needed. They also sell wads, cards, powder, primers at a good price. My little CSMC Fox 28ga is 5lbs-2oz and I also worked up a light load for it too! 3/4oz just under 1000FPS. With a gun that light... it matters! Thanks all SXS Ohio
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Most of what you read about shot weight and loads in my opinion is backwards. Seems to me starting with the target is more appropriate. How far how hard to break or kill, then work backwards to the shot size and number of pellets needed to do the job. From there to choke required then what shot charge weight will deliver on target. Clay targets and small birds need a different solution than large heavy birds .

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