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went scouting for turkey yesterday
Unread 04-08-2019, 11:31 AM   #1
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Default went scouting for turkey yesterday

Our season starts Monday the 15th so yesterday the wife and I thought we would drive out just West of town where we've seen turkeys the past four or five years to have a look for sign. We had a lot of snow this winter, 30" or more, and it has just melted off here at the house in the last two weeks. We drove out about four miles and started down a logging road, it was apparent that the snow hadn't all melted but, I wasn't too concerned as we were in the Jeep. We hadn't gone more than a half mile when we high centered on frozen snow. We got out the shovel and discovered just how frozen the snow was. I couldn't get it out from under the Jeep so I couldn't put the chains on or remove the snow from under the Jeep to get back on the ground. I estimated that it was at least 80' to the nearest tree and didn't think the winch line would reach it. Just days before I had taken the rack off the Jeep and with it went the high-lift jack so I couldn't jack up and put anything under the wheels to gain clearance. What to do. I finally decided to see if the winch line was long enough and pulled it out towards the nearest tree. By using a long tow strap around the tree I could just make the hookup with three wraps of cable on the winch drum . Talk about close. I only had to move the Jeep a few feet and we were out and headed home.

Looks like we won't be turkey hunting this spring as all the areas we have hunted in the past are going to have a lot of snow for some time yet plus we have a lot of projects that we need to work on. Oh well, maybe next year.
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Glad you got out okay. I hope that conditions do improve enough for you to eventually get to hunt. We don’t know how many seasons we’ll have, so good to “use” each one. Good luck.
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Dean Romig
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In Vermont we focus on the areas where snow has melted off. If there are turkeys around, that's where you'll find them. If there is complete snow coverage we concentrate on woods bordering dairy farms. The turkeys spend the majority of their time scratching in the manure piles for corn kernels and such but usually go to the woods to roost.

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